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Segue a lista com a maioria dos jogos Americanos e Europeus ja lançados para o PSP !
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300 March To Glory [usa]
50 Cent Bulletproof G Unit Edition [usa]
7 Wonders [usa]
Ace Combat X Skies Of Deception [usa]
Aces Of Wars [eur]
Activision Hits Remixed [usa]
Aedis Eclipse Generation Of Chaos [usa]
After Burner Black Falcon [eur]
Alien Syndrome [usa]
Alien vs Predator- Requiem [usa]
Ape Academy [eur]
Ape Academy 2 [eur]
Ape Escape On the Loose [usa]
Archer Maclean's Mercury [usa]
Armored Core Formula Front Extreme Battle [usa]
Arthur And The Invisibles [eur]
Asphalt Urban GT 2 [eur]
Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Mission Wifix [eur]
Astonishia Story [usa]
Atari Classics Evolved [usa]
ATV Offroad Fury Blazin' Trails [usa]
ATV Offroad Fury Pro [usa]
Avatar The Last Airbender [usa]
BattleZone [usa]
B-Boy [eur]
Ben 10 Protector of Earth [usa]
Beowulf [usa]
Beta Bloc [eur]
Blade Dancer Lineage Of Light [usa]
Bleach Heat The Soul [jap]
Bleach Heat The Soul 2 [jap]
Bleach Heat The Soul 3 [jap]
Bleach Heat The Soul 4 [jap]
Bliss Island [eur]
Blitz Overtime [usa]
Blood + Final Piece [jap]
Bomberman [usa]
Bomberman Land [usa]
Bounty Hounds [usa]
Brave Story New Traveler [usa]
Breath Of Fire 3 [eur]
Brian Lara 2007- Pressure Play [eur]
Brooktown High [usa]
Brothers in Arms D-Day [usa]
Brunswick Pro Bowling [usa]
Bubble Bobble Evolution [eur]
Burnout Dominator [usa]
Burnout Legends [eur]
Bust-A-Move Deluxe [usa]
Cabela's African Safari [usa]
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts Ultimate Challenge [usa]
Call Of Duty- Roads to Victory [usa]
Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded [usa]
Capcom Classics Collection Remixed [usa]
Capcom Puzzle World [usa]
Carnage Heart Portable [jap]
Carol Vorderman's Sudoku [eur]
Cars [usa]
Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles [usa]
Championship Manager 2007 [eur]
Chessmaster- The Art Of Learning [usa]
Chili Con Carnage [eur]
Coded Arms [eur]
Coded Arms Contagion [usa]
Colin Mc Rae Rally 2005 Plus [eur]
Crash Of The Titans [usa]
Crash Tag Team Racing [usa]
Crazy Taxi Fare Wars [usa]
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII [usa]
Crush [eur]
Cube [usa]
Darkstalkers Chronicle The Chaos Tower [usa]
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge [usa]
Daxter [usa]
Dead Head Fred [usa]
Dead To Rights - Reckoning [eur]
Death Jr [usa]
Death Jr II Root of Evil [usa]
Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover [eur]
Densha De Go Pocket [jap]
Derby Stallion P [jap]
Derby Time [jap]
Derby Time 2006 [jap]
Diner Dash [eur]
Disgaea Afternoon Of Darkness [usa]
DJ Max Portable [kor]
DJ Max Portable 2 [eng-kor-jap]
Dokodemo Issyo [jap]
Donkey Xote [eur]
Downstream Panic [usa]
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai [usa]
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai Another Road [usa]
Dragoneer's Aria [usa]
Driver 76 [eur]
DTM Race Driver 3 Challenge [eur]
Dungeon Explorer- Warrior Of The Ancient Arts [usa]
Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground [usa]
Dungeon Siege Throne Of Agony [usa]
Dungeons & Dragons Tactics [usa]
Dynasty Warriors [usa]
Dynasty Warriors Vol 2 [usa]
EA Replay [usa]
Eragon [eur]
Every Extend Extra [usa]
Everybody's Golf [eur]
Exit [usa]
Exit 2 [eur]
Eyeshied 21 Portable Edition [jap]
F1 Grand Prix 2005 [eur]
Fading Shadows [eur]
Family Guy [usa]
Field Commander [usa]
FIFA 06 [eur]
FIFA 07 [eur]
FIFA 08 [eur]
FIFA Street 2 [eur]
FIFA World Cup 2006 [eur]
Fight Night Round 3 [eur]
Final Armada [eur]
Final Fantasy [usa]
Final Fantasy II [usa]
Final Fantasy Tactics The War Of The Lions [eur]
Fired Up [eur]
FlatOut Head On [eur]
Football Manager Handheld [eur]
Football Manager Handheld 2008 [eur]
Ford Bold Moves Street Racing [usa]
Ford Street Racing- La Duel [eur]
Ford Street Racing- Xr Edition [eur]
Formula One 06 [eur]
Frantix [eur]
Free Running [eur]
Freek Out Extreme Freeride [eur]
Frogger Helmet Chaos [eur]
From Russia With Love 007 [usa]
Full Auto 2 Battlelines [usa]
Gangs Of London [eur]
Generation Of Chaos [usa]
Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex [usa]
Ghost Rider [usa]
Gitaroo Man Lives [eur]
Go Sudoku [eur]
God of War- Chains Of Olympus [usa]
Goku Makaimura Kai [jap]
Gradius Collection [usa]
Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories [usa]
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories [eur]
Gretzky NHL [usa]
Gretzky NHL 06 [usa]
Gripshift [eur]
Guilty Gear Judgment [usa]
Gun Showdown [usa]
Gundam Battle Tactics [jap]
Gunpey [usa]
Gurumin A Monstrous Adventure [usa]
Hard Rock Casino [usa]
Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire [usa]
Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix [eur]
Harvest Moon - Boy & Girl [usa]
Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law [usa]
Heatseeker [usa]
Heavens Will [jap]
History Channel- Great Battles Of Rome [eur]
Hot Brain [usa]
Hot Pixel [eur]
Hot Shots Golf- Open Tee [usa]
Hot Wheels - Ultimate Racing [usa]
Impossible Mission [eur]
Infected [usa]
Initial D Street Stage [jap]
Innocent Life- A Futuristic Harvest Moon [eur]
International Cricket Captain III [eur]
JackAss The Game [usa]
Jeanne D'Arc [usa]
Jet de Go Pocket [jap]
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Portable [jap]
Jissen Pachi-slot Hisshouhou Hokuto no Ken SE [jap]
Jitsuwa Kaidan Shinmimi Bukuro [jap]
Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights [usa]
Juiced Eliminator [usa]
Justice League Heroes [eur]
Kameleon [eur]
Kao Challenger [eur]
Kazook [eur]
Key Of Heaven [eur]
Killzone Liberation [usa]
King Of Clubs [eur]
Kingdom Of Paradise [usa]
La Corda d`Oro [jap]
Legend Of The Dragon [usa]
Lego Star Wars 2 The Original Trilogy [usa]
Lemmings [usa]
Little Britain The Video Game [eur]
Loco Roco [eur]
Lost Regnum [chi-eng]
Lumines [usa]
Lumines 2 [usa]
Luxor Pharaoh's Challenge [usa]
Luxor The Wrath Of Set [usa]
M.A.C.H. Modified Air Combat Heroes [usa]
Madden NFL 07 [usa]
Madden NFL 08 [usa]
Magna Carta Portable [jap]
Mahjong kakutou Club [jap]
Major League Baseball 2K7 [usa]
Major League Baseball 2K8 [usa]
Manhunt 2 [usa]
Marvel Nemesis Rise Of The Imperfect [usa]
Marvel Trading Card Game [eur]
Marvel Ultimate Alliance [usa]
Me and My Katamari [eur]
Medal Of Honor Heroes [usa]
Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 [usa]
Medievil Resurrection [eur]
Megaman Maverick Hunter X [usa]
Megaman Powered up [usa]
Mercury Meltdown [eur]
Metal Gear Acid [usa]
Metal Gear Acid 2 [usa]
Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel [usa]
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops [usa]
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus [usa]
Metal Slug Anthology [eur]
Miami Vice- The Game [eur]
Micro Machines V4 [eur]
Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition [eur]
Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play [usa]
Mind Quiz [eur]
Minna no Golf Portable Coca-Cola Special Edition [jap]
MLB 06- The Show [usa]
MLB 07- The Show [usa]
MLB 08- The Show [usa]
Monster Hunter Freedom [eur]
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 [usa]
Monster Kingdom- Jewel Summoner [usa]
Mortal Kombat- Unchained [usa]
MotoGP [eur]
MTX Mototrax [usa]
MVP- Baseball [usa]
MX Vs ATV Unleashed On The Edge [usa]
MX Vs ATV Untamed [usa]
Myst [eur]
Namco Museum Battle Collection [usa]
Namco Museum Vol 2 [jap]
Napoleon Dynamite- The Game [usa]
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes [usa]
NASCAR [usa]
NBA 07 [usa]
NBA 08 [usa]
NBA Ballers Rebound [usa]
NBA Live 06 [usa]
NBA Live 07 [usa]
NBA Live 08 [usa]
NBA Street Showdown [usa]
NCAA Football 2007 [usa]
Need For Speed Carbon Own The City [eur]
Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 [eur]
Need For Speed ProStreet [eur]
Need For Speed Underground Rivals [usa]
Neopets PetPet Adventures The Wand Of Wishing [usa]
NFL Street 2 Unleashed [eur]
NFL Street 3 [usa]
NHL 07 [usa]
NHRA Drag Racing Countdown To The Championship [usa]
Off Road [eur]
Online Chess Kingdoms [eur]
Open Season [usa]
Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast [eur]
Over The Hedge Hammy Goes Nuts [usa]
Pac Man World 3 [usa]
Pac Man World Rally [usa]
Parappa The Rapper [eur]
Parodius Portable [jap]
Passport To London [eur]
Patapon [eur]
Payout Poker And Casino [usa]
Peter Jackson's King Kong [usa]
Pilot Academy [eur]
Pimp My Ride [usa]
Pinball [jap]
Pinball Hall Of Fame [usa]
Pirates Of The Caribbean- At Worlds End [eur]
Pirates Of The Caribbean- Dead Mans Chest [usa]
Platypus [usa]
Pocket Pool [usa]
Pocket Racers [eur]
Popolocrois [usa]
Portable Island Tenohira Resort [jap]
Power Stone Collections [eur]
PQ Practical Intelligence Quotient [usa]
PQ2 Practical Intelligence Quotient 2 [usa]
Prince Of Persia- Revelations [usa]
Prince Of Persia- Rival Swords [eur]
Princess Crown [jap]
Princess Maker 4 Portable [jap]
Pro Cycling 2007 [eur]
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 [eur]
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 [eur]
Prostroke Golf World Tour 2007 [usa]
Pursuit Force [eur]
Pursuit Force Extreme Justice [eur]
Puyo Pop Fever [jap]
Puzzle Bubbe Pocket [jap]
Puzzle Challenge Crosswords And More [usa]
Puzzle Guzzle [usa]
Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords [usa]
Puzzle Scape [usa]
Race Driver 2006 [usa]
Rainbow Island Evolution [eur]
Rapala Trophies [usa]
Ratatouille [usa]
Ratchet And Clank Size Matters [eur]
Reel Fishing- The Great Outdoors [usa]
Rengoku 2 The Stairway To H.E.A.V.E.N. [usa]
Rengoku The Tower Of Purgatory [eur]
Ridge Racer [usa]
Ridge Racer 2 [eur]
Riviera The Promised Land [usa]
Rockman Dash [jap]
Rockman Dash 2 [jap]
Rocky Balboa [eur]
R-Type Tactics [jap]
Rush [usa]
Samurai Warriors- State Of War [usa]
SBK 07 Superbike World Championship [eur]
Scarface Money Power Respect [usa]
Scooby Doo! Who's Waching Who [usa]
SD Gundam G Generation Portable [jap]
Sega Genesis Collection [usa]
Sega Rally [eur]
Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner [jap]
Shinobido Tales Of The Ninja [eur]
Shrek Smash And Crash Racing [usa]
Shrek The Third [usa]
Sid Meier`s Pirates [usa]
Silent Hill Origins
Silverfall [eur]
Simple 2500 Series Portable Vol.10 The IQ Cube [jap]
Smart Bomb [usa]
Smash Court Tennis 3 [eur]
Snoopy Vs The Red Baron [usa]
SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo [usa]
SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 [usa]
SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike [usa]
Sonic Rivals [usa]
Sonic Rivals 2 [usa]
Space Invaders Evolution [eur]
Space Invaders Extreme [usa]
Space Invaders Pocket [jap]
Spectral Souls [usa]
Spectral Vs Generation [eur]
Spider Man 2 [usa]
Spider Man 3 [usa]
Spiderman Friend Or Foe [usa]
Sponge Bob Square Pants The Yellow Avenge [eur]
SSX On Tour [usa]
Stacked With Daniel Negreanu [usa]
Star Soldier [jap]
Star trek Tactical Assault [usa]
Star Wars Battlefront 2 [eur]
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron [usa]
Star Wars Lethal Alliance [eur]
StateShift [eur]
Steel Horizon [usa]
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max [usa]
Street Riders [eur]
Street Supremacy [usa]
Super Collapse 3 [usa]
Super Fruit Fall [eur]
Super Monkey Ball Adventures [eur]
Super Pocket Tennis [eur]
Super Robot Taisen MX Portable [jap]
Surfs Up [usa]
SWAT Target Liberty [usa]
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror [eur]
Syphon Filter Logans Shadow [usa]
Taito Legends Power Up [usa]
Tales Of Eternia [eur]
Tales Of Phantasia [jap]
Tales Of The World Radiant Mythology [usa]
Tekken Dark Resurrection [usa]
Telly Addicts [eur]
Tenchu- Shinobi Taisen [jap]
Test Drive Unlimited [usa]
The Bigs [usa]
The Con [usa]
The Dog Happy Life [jap]
The Fast And The Furious [usa]
The Godfather Mob Wars [usa]
The Golden Compass [usa]
The Hustle Detroit Streets [usa]
The Legend Of Heroes I- A Tear Of Vermillion [usa]
The Legend Of Heroes II- Prophecy Of The Moolight Witch [usa]
The Legend Of Heroes III- The Song Of The Ocean [usa]
The Lord Of The Rings Tactics [usa]
The Simpsons Game [eur]
The Sims 2 [usa]
The Sims 2 Castaway [usa]
The Sims 2 Pets [usa]
Thrillville [usa]
Thrillville Off The Rails [usa]
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 [usa]
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 [eur]
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 [usa]
TMNT- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [usa]
Tokobot [usa]
Tom Clancy`s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 [eur]
Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six Vegas [usa]
Tom Clancy`s Splinter Cell Essentials [usa]
Tomb Raider Anniversary [usa]
Tomb Raider Legend [eur]
Tony Hawks Project 8 [usa]
Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remix [usa]
Transformers- The Game [usa]
Traxxpad- Portable Studio [usa]
Twisted Metal Head On [usa]
UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 [eur]
Ultimate Block Party [usa]
Ultimate Board Game Collection [usa]
Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins [usa]
Ultra Puzzle Bobble Pocket [jap]
Ultraman Fighting Evolution Zero [jap]
Untold Legends- Brotherhood Of The Blade [eur]
Untold Legends- The Warriors Code [eur]
V8 Supercars 2 [eur]
V8 Supercars 3 Shootout [eur]
Valhalla Knights [usa]
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth [usa]
Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble [usa]
Virtua Tennis 3 [eur]
Virtua Tennis World Tour [eur]
Warhammer 40.000- Squad Command [usa]
Warhammer Battle For Atluma [usa]
Warriors Of The Lost Empire [usa]
Wild Arms XF [usa]
Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 [usa]
WinX Club- Join The Club [eur]
Wipeout Pulse [eur]
Wipeout Pure [usa]
World Champioship Poker 2 [usa]
World Of Pool [eur]
World Poker Tour [eur]
World Series Of Poker 2008
World Series Of Poker Tournament Of Champions 2007 [usa]
World Snooker Challenge 2005 [eur]
World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 [usa]
World Tour Soccer [eur]
World Tour Soccer 06 [usa]
Worms Open Warfare [eur]
Worms Open Warfare 2 [eur]
WRC FIA World Rally Championship [eur]
WTF Work Time Fun [usa]
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 [usa]
Xiaolin Showdown [usa]
X-Men Legends 2 Rise Of Apocalipse [usa]
Xtreme Party [eur]
Xyanide Ressurrection [eur]
Ys- The Ark Of Napishtim [usa]
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force [usa]
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 [usa]
Zendoku [eur]
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